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Kannimanga Achar |Tender mango pickle

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Kannimanga achar / tender mango pickle is a traditional pickle of kerala. We used to make pickle with many vegetables like mango,gooseberry,papaya,lemon etc… Pickle with tender mango is little complex and it will take more time compared to other pickles. This recipe is the traditional way of making kadumanga/kannimanga achar. ...

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Egg Pakkavada

Egg pakka vada |How to make egg pakkavada

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Egg pakka vada with onion nad boiled eggs. Pakkavada/Ullivada is a traditional snack item of South India. Usually Pakkavada is made with besan and onion. In Kerala it is also known as ullivada. We can make pakkavada more healthy by adding vegetables or anything you want. Here I made pakkavada ...

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