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I am Hygeena Shameer author, photographer of Spicykitchen.net. It has been almost 5 years of blogging and It is the time to share my story with you. I am basically from Kerala, the southern part of India widely known as “Gods Own Country” . I was working as a software professional and after marriage quit job and settled in Bangalore. Now living happily with my better half and two cute babies (Rizwan and Riza).

From childhood itself, I had great passion for cooking. Like all others, I inherited the passion for cooking from my MOM. I had a bundle of collected recipes ( Got many recipes from my MIL too). I used to experiment with dishes on weekends. My father was the main critic of my dishes at that time (Now it is my hubby’s turn 😉 ). My father is a great cook and a perfectionist too. He used to cook very rarely. We three(me and my li’l brothers) love his tomato masala, wheat diamond cuts etc… He is a great supporter and well-wisher of my blog. When I start my food blog, he wrote around 200+ recipes in a notebook(collected from many cookery shows) and gave me once he came to Bangalore ( Thank you uppa). I gained my knowledge of everyday cooking from my Mom, Daddy, Mil, and some from my own experience. Still learning.

I learned lots of knowledge from my MIL also. I am always impressed with her cooking skill. She is very fast in cooking. Also does everything in an organized way which I adore the most. After marriage, I came to Bangalore with my husband Shameer Mohammed. He is also a great foodie like me but with a big difference. He loves nonvegetarian dishes mostly and I am on the other side. So that you can see both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes in our site :D. It was my hubby who encouraged me to start a blog by seeing my interest in my cooking. I should thank him for giving me the knowledge and support. Moreover, he is the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Spicykitchen. All the technical side apart from recipe and photo is taking care of by him.

Other than cooking I have lots of love for gardening and jewelry making. I have a nice kitchen garden on our balcony. My kids will daily get at least one tomato from our garden :). I have posted my garden photos in spicykitchen site ( Kitchen Garden ). I would like to make jewelry also. I didn’t get a chance to play with beads after my princess is born. You can find my jewelry collection photos here Jwelza Collections

About the Recipes

All the recipes posted on my site are cooked, tested, and photographed by me. These recipes are from different sources like some are family recipes, some of from my recipe collection, magazines& cookbooks etc… Now also I am learning new things from around and sharing my experience with you all.


The recipes in spicykitchen.net are tried and tested by me in my own kitchen. Every effort has been taken to review each recipe carefully. www.spicykitchen.net or the owners of spicykitchen.net shall not be responsible for the outcome of any recipe try from this site. You may not always achieve the results desired due to various reasons like quality of ingredients, variations in ingredients, cooking ability etc. Please use the information and recipes here as a reference and make your own judgment.

Terms of use

All the contents, images in the site are copyright of spicykitchen.net. Permission needs to be taken before any content is republished in any media. Otherwise, it is considered as illegal. All rights reserved

I would like to hear from you. Please send me your feedback, recipe suggestions to spicykitchenblog@gmail.com

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Thank you for your interest in spicykitchen. Have a great day !!! .

Happy Cooking Healthy Living

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