Beef Recipes | Delicious beef recipes

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Beef Recipes | Delicious beef recipes

Beef recipes collection. Spicy flavorful recipes with beef. Like all other meat, beef is also a slow cook meat and there is no need to add water while cooking beef because it contains more than 50% of water. So more water will comes out from beef while cooking. I would like to share my beef recipe collection. As we all know beef is a good source of protein and contains low amount of zinc, vitamins and other minerals.Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.

Benefits of eating Beef

  • There is no other single food that provides the same variety of health benefits found in beef.
  • Almost half of the fat in beef is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid—the which is heart-healthy fat.
  • The minerals found in beef are important for many essential body functions, including muscle, bone, and cellular functions.
  • Saturated fat in beef actually decreases your heart-disease risk.
  • Beef is a great source of protein which provides a long lasting energy for the body.
  • Iron, a key mineral that helps get oxygen to all body cells, is found in abundance in beef.

Beef Recipes | Delicious beef recipes collections
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