Health benefits of ajwain | Health benefits of carom seeds

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Health benefits of ajwain | Health benefits of carom seeds

Ajwain / carom seeds are one of the important herb in cooking. It has many health and medicinal values. Ajwain is also known as omam, om kalugalu, ayamodhakam, vamu etc… Ajwain is a quick remedy for stomach problems and digestive issues. Apart from this it is used to cure tooth decay,heart problems,arthritis and many other health issues.

Nutritional Info

Research shows 100g of ajwain seeds contains
Protein – 16.9%
Carbohydrates – 24.6%
Minerals – 7.9%
Fat – 21.8%
Fiber – 21.2%

Chewing ajwain is a quick remedy for digestive problems. Ajwain seeds are very small oval shaped,rigid seeds and the leaves of ajawin(also known as kanjikoorkka/panikkoorka) is very effective for cold,digestive issues in kids (just dip the leaves in hot water for 1-2 minutes and after that squeeze out the juice. Mix this juice with honey or salt and drink. We can give 2-3 spoons in a day for kids) The ajwain seed oil has the highest percentage of thymol.

Health Benefits of Ajwain seeds / Carom seeds

1.Instant remedy for stomach ache

Chewing ajwain seeds itself will cure stomach problems. If you are having indigestion or stomach pain issues, boil 1 spoon of ajwain seeds in 1 glass of water and drink.

2.Cure acidity problems

ajwain seeds are the best remedy for acidity and acid reflex problems. Powder ajwain seeds and cumin seeds in equal quantities and consume it daily basis for 1 week.

3. Best remedy for kidney stone

Research shows that daily consumption of ajwain seeds and honey will help to dissolve kidney stone. Ajawin is also helpful in treating liver malfunctions.

4. Prevents constipation

Drink ajwain water in daily will help in constipation problems. Put one spoon of ajawin seeds in one glass of hot water cover the glass and drink after 5 minutes at night. This will help to regulate the bowl movement
caram seeds benefits

5. Helps to reduce weight

Regular intake of ajwain seeds fastens bowl movements and solve digestive problems by facilitating the release of gut juice. Drink one glass of ajwain water on empty stomach. It will help to dissolve fat in the stomach.

6. Ajwain reduces Gas

Ajwain is one of the best remedy for gas problems. It has anti hyper acidity properties. One glass of luke warm ajwain water after meal will reduce all kinds of gastric issues.

7. Cures Asthma

Antiseptic properties of thymol helps to cure cold and cough. Steaming with ajwain water is a best remedy for cold and blocked nose. Ajwain helps to expel mucus from the body. Regular consumption of ajwain decotion helps to ease asthma.

8. Effective for Eczema and skin problems

Grind ajwain seeds with water and apply it on affected area. Washing the effected area with ajwain water also will give better result those who suffering form Eczema and other skin problems.

Culinary uses

Ajwain is widely used in Indian,Italian and Pakistani cooking. It is a main ingredient in herb seasoning we are using in garlic breads,pizza,pasta etc… Ajwain seeds used in many snacks and savory biscuits in India.
health benefits of ajwain

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