Health Benefits of Brahmi | Uses of Brahmi

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Health Benefits of Brahmi | Uses of Brahmi

Health Benefits and Uses of Brahmi

Brahmi is a creeping herb which is considered as one of the powerful tonic for brain in Ayurveda. The leaves of brahmi is used to increase the memory power and relaxes the nervous system. The scientific name of brahmi is Bacopa monnieri and it used in world wide for generations. The leaves of brahmi are in oval shape and it is succulent. It is usually grows in we muddy lands and it does not require any special care to grow. Brahmi is used in many medicines as a brain tonic a it is full of medicinal values.The leaves of are appear as meshed feet and the entire plant has a sour taste. Health benefits of brahmi is numerous and it has been used in Ayurveda as a medicinal plant since 5000BC.
Research shows that brahmi can be used for lowering stress in the brain, which keeps our minds sharp well in to our old age.
Brahmi is commonly used fresh as a salad ingredient and it can also be used as dried powdered form.
The leaves are often chewed by people as a general tonic as a vitamin supplement.

Common Use of Brahmi

  • Used against Anxiety, irritability and insomnia associated with stress.
  • To improve poor memory,concentration and work related mental fatigue.
  • To increase brain function after head trauma.
  • To cure Asthma and bronchial spasm

Bio chemical compounds of Brahmi

  • Brahmine
  • Herpestine
  • Flavanoids
  • Saponins
  • Sterols
  • Betasitosterol
  • Alkaloids

health benefits of brahmi

Medicinal uses of Brahmi

  • It ensures smooth circulation of blood, that is good for healthy liver , lungs and kidney.
  • It is used to increase sex drive, impotence, arthritis, cholesterol, mental fatigue, bronchial problems and rheumatism.

Health Benefits of Brahmi

  • Treats for hair loss Usage of Brahmi oil is good to strengthening the hair follicles. Massaging with brahmi oil is beneficial in checking dandruff, itchiness, formation of end and flakes.
  • Boosts Immunity Brahmi has the capacity to boost our immune system. The presence
    of nutrients in brahmi increase response time of immune system and helps to fight against viruses and bacterial infection.
  • Reduces blood pressure Brahmi cures the blood pressure problems by serving one teaspoon Brahmi juice and half teaspoon honey mixture.
  • Prevents baldnessBrahmi oil is enriched in biochemical compounds. Massage with brahmi oil cures temporary or permanent baldness.
  • For fair skinThe antioxidants present in Brahmi remove toxins from the body and improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration.
  • Treats for epilepsyBrahmi is used for curing neurological problems. The chemicals bacosides A and B improves neuro-transmission among brain cells. Its chemical properties mitigate neuro-degeneration.
  • Prevents respiratory problems – Drinking Brahmi tea will help to get relief from respiratory problems. Chewing of Brahmi leaves also shows better results in improving respiration.


Side Effects of Brahmi

  • One should avoid using Brahmi while taking birth control tablets.
  • During estrogen replacement therapy, it should be avoided.
  • Stop it if you are taking phenothiazine.
  • Too much consume of it leads to stomach discomfort.
  • Should not consume more than two teaspoon per day.
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