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Chocolate banana milkshake is a super easy and delicious milkshake made with few ingredients. Milkshakes are simple and delicious drinks liked by everyone. Here in this recipe, I have used only three ingredients: milk, banana and chocolate ice cream. I have already posted Banana shake / Sharjah shake recipe and ...

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Banana Walnut Cake in pressure cooker | whole wheat banana walnut cake recipe

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Banana walnut cake is very easy to prepare and spongy cake made with whole wheat. Sponge cakes are so easy to make and requires no special ingredients. We can make sponge cakes with carrot, beetroot, dates etc… In this banana walnut cake I have added yogurt and mashed banana which ...

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Fruit Custard | How to make fruit custard | Spicy Kitchen

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Fruit custard is an easy to make Indian dessert enriched with the goodness of fruits and dry fruits. This delicious dessert is made with custard powder, milk, sugar and fruits. I got this custard recipe from my mother in low who prepare this dessert after most of the weekend biriyani. ...

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Ethapazham Kozhukatta | Steamed rice dumpling with plantain

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Kozhukkatta is the famous traditional snack of South India. In Kerala we used to prepare kozhukkatta with rice flour,grated coconut and jaggery. We can also add beaten rice along with grated coconut and jaggery while filling. Here I made kozhukkatta with plantain|Kerala banana|Ethapazham. Plantain is very healthy and good for ...

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Sharjah Shake | How to make sharjah shake

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Sharjah Shake is known as the king of milkshakes which is very easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. It is just a combination of banana and milk. As we all know that milk and banana are good for health and to make them more nutritious you can ...

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