Recipes from Ingredient: Rajma

Rajma Hummus | How to make healthy rajma hummus

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Hummus is a protein rich and delicious spread. It is a perfect appetizer side dish for vegetarians. My mother in law introduced me this wonderful dish. She used to prepare hummus for chapathi along with spicy chicken fry. I liked the earthy flavor of it and started doing experiments on ...

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Rajma Recipe | Red Kidney Beans Curry

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Healthy and delicious rajma| Red beans curry. I came to know about rajma,dal makhani,dum aloo all these after my marriage. In kerala we used to make curries with black chana,green peas etc… As all beans are rich in protein and also good for health, I decided to try these north ...

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Easy Dal Makhani Recipe | How to make Punjabi Dal Makhani

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Dal Makhani is one of the most popular Punjabi recipe. As it name implies it is a rich creamy side dish; Dal(lentil) ,makhan(butter) and cream also. But if you are more health conscious, you can avoid butter and cream. We can prepare dal makhani in many ways. This is the ...

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