Mutton Recipes | Delicious mutton recipes

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Mutton Recipes | Delicious mutton recipes

Mutton recipes collection. Delicious and flavorful recipes with mutton. There are three categories in mutton: goat,sheep and lamb. Sheep in its first year is known as lamb. Lamb recipes will be more soft compared to sheep. Goat meat is more healthier than sheep. We can also make yummy dishes with mutton liver also and it is known as kaleji recipes. It is always better to cook in low flame to get soft and tender mutton. I would like to share my mutton recipe collection. Here in all my recipes, I cooked mutton in pressure cooker with low flame which makes the meat soft. Tradtional way of cooking is with wood fire and mudpot will give more taste for mutton. Even though it is a time consuming process, the taste will be heavenly. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.

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