Andhra Style Stuffed Mirch | Stuffed Chilli


Andhra Style Stuffed Mirch | Stuffed Chilli

Spicy Chilli with Ground Peanut Stuffing

Spicy side dish with baji chilli and ground peanut stuffing. This is an andhra style side dish. We used to prepare onlyBajji with this Chilli. I got this recipe from my Andhra friend. It is very easy to prepare and a spicy dish for chapathi,rice etc… I have used ground peanut for stuffing, you can use any stuffing like ground roasted gram or potatoes. Hope you all will try out this spicy stuffed mirch.

stuffed chilli

How to make Andhra Style Stuffed Mirch?


5 Bajji Chilli
2 tbsp. of peanuts/nilakkadala(roasted and skinned)
1/4 spn. of cumin seeds/jeerakam
1 no of chopped onion
1 no of garlic
1 small piece of tamarind/puli
1/8 spn. of chilli powder(optional)
1/6 spn. of asafoetida/kayam
Salt to taste
2 spn. of oil


Step 01

Wash bajji chilli properly. Make a slit on chillies and remove the seeds(I didn’t remove seeds. If you don’t want spiciness you can remove).

Step 02

Coarsely grind peanuts,cumin seeds,onion,garlic,asafoetida and salt.

Step 03

Fill the stuffing through the slit. Press well with hands and fill tightly.

Step 04

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the chillies both sides till golden color. Always shallow fry the stuffed side first.

Step 05

Serve hot with chapathi,roti or rice

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  1. posted by kushigalu on December 9, 2015

    Mouth watering! I want to have it right now 🙂


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