Apple Crepes | Easy to make apple crepes


    Apple crepes are famous French dish made with caramelized apple. Crepes are the traditional dish of France which are nothing but thin pancakes. Fillings of crepes can be anything like pear, apple, dates etc. Here I made the crepe with caramelized apple filling. Apple crepes can be served as breakfast, brunch or as tea time snack.

    In Kerela we used to make another version of crepes called ‘pola’ and the filling will be coconut and sugar. When I saw this recipe I thoguh to make it for evening snack. Here I have used wheat flour instead of plain flour to make it more healthy. I made 10 crepes with 1 cup of wheat flour and 4 apples are used for the filling. EVerything got finished within 10 minutes. Kids loved this recipe and now always asking me to make this.

    Cinnamon powder gives a unique taste to all apple recipes like apple pie, apple cakes etc and here also I didn’t miss to add it while caramelizing. I have uploaded apple crepe video and sharing the link with you. Hope you all will like this easy to make apple crepe recipe.

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    How to make Apple Crepes


    • 4 no of Apple
    • 2 tbsp of Sugar
    • 1 tbsp of Butter
    • 1 cup of Wheat flour
    • 1 no of Egg
    • 1/2 spn of salt
    • 1 spn of Honey
    • 1/2 spn of cinnamon powder


    Step 1

    Wash and peel off Apples. Chop into small pieces.

    Step 2

    Heat 1tbsp butter in a pan.

    Step 3

    Add chopped apples and saute for 3-4 minutes. Add sugar and saute well.

    Step 4

    Add cinnamon powder and saute till the apples get cooked. Remove from flame.

    Step 5

    Let us make crepes. Take1 cup of wheat flour in a blowl. Add salt and mix well.

    Step 6

    Add water little by little and make a thick batter.

    Step 7

    Add egg and mix well again.

    Step 8

    Heat a nonstick pan. Pour batter on tawa and make thin pancakes. (Like wheat dosa)

    Step 9

    Not let's make apple crepes. Take 2 spn of caramelized apple and add in the middle of one crepe. Make rolls.

    Step 10

    Repeat the step for all the crepes. Serve with honey.

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