Avocado MilkShake


    Yummy Avocado Milkshake

    Healthy and delicious milkshake with avocado and milk

    A nutritious and tasty milkshake made with avocado and milk. Avocado also known as butter fruit is a healthy fruit rich in monosaturated fats and contains zero cholesterol and a good source of Vitamin C, E, K, and B12. The price of avocado is comparatively higher than other fruits. Avocado is perfect for making salads and spreads for sandwiches. This fruit is also can be used as a healthier alternative for butter. I have posted Avocado Saladearlier which is very easy to make and nutritious.

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    Let us come back to avocado milkshake. We need only three ingredients for making this avocado milkshake. I hope you all will like the recipe.You can find the ingredients and methods here


    • 1 no of avocado
    • 2 glass of chilled milk
    • 2 spn. of sugar


    Step 1

    Cut avocado and remove the seed

    Step 2

    Take out the pulp from the fruit.

    Step 3

    Blend with milk and sugar.

    Step 4

    Yummy avocado milkshake is now ready to serve

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