Ayala Curry Recipe | How to make ayala (mackerel) curry


    Ayala Curry Recipe | How to make ayala (mackerel) curry

    Traditional Kerala Ayala curry recipe

    Ayala curry is a traditional side dish of Kerala. Ayala(Mackerel) and Mathi(Sardine) are most commonly used fishes in Kerala especially Malabar area. Both of these two fishes are very healthy and nutritious. We can make lots of varitey dishes with ayala and mathi like curry,fry,semi gravy in banana leaf,stir fry etc… Meen ada(Fish momos) is one of the delicious snack made with mackerel.

    speical ayala curry recipe

    In Malabar area we prepare fish curry with tamarind. Most of the people don’t like the taste of kudam puli(pot tamarind).But kudam puli is more healthier than tamarind and having lots of health benefits like it helps in digestion,weight loss etc… But here I made this curry with tamarind. You can also use pot tamarind for this curry. I prepared this curry in a special way that the fish pieces cooked with spices and tamarind first and then added masala in to it. If you do the first step(cooking the fish pieces with spices) overnight, it will be more tasty so that the sour taste get in to the fish pieces properly. Hope you all will try this method.

    I have tried some fish recipe like Ayala pollichathu with step by step photos
    Varutharacha ayala curry (mackerel with roasted coconut)
    Ayala masala
    Fish biriyani
    Fish cutlet
    Mathi(sardine) pollichathu
    Mathi achar(sardine pickle)
    Mathi curry
    Mathi thengapaal curry(sardin ein coconut milk)
    Mathi peera.
    Meen ada(Fish momos)
    Hope you all will like this delicious fish recipes.

    How to make ayala curry


    1/2 kg of Mackerel(ayala)
    1 cup of sliced shallots/onion
    3 no of Tomato
    4 no of sliced Green chilli
    2 tbsp. of Ginger garlic paste
    1 lemon sized tamarind
    2 springs of Curry leaves
    2 tbsp. of kashmiri chilli powder/chilli powder
    1/2 spn. of Turmeric powder
    1 spn. of Oil
    1/4 spn. of Fenugreek seeds
    Salt to taste
    1 cup of water


    Step 01

    Take a clay pot and add fish pieces along with 1 tbsp. of chilli powder,1/2 spn. of turmeric powder,1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste,curry leaves,salt and tamarind juice. Add 1/2 cup of water and cook till the gravy thickens without covering the pan(Be careful that the fish pieces should not be fully cooked). Keep aside for overnight or 2-3 hours for better results (You can also make curry as soon as the fish pieces get cooked).

    Step 02

    Heat oil in another pot. Add fenugreek seeds.

    Step 03

    Add chopped small onion,green chillies and curry leaves.Fry well in low flame.

    Step 04

    when onion get fried,add ginger garlic paste. Saute for 5 min.

    Step 05

    Add tomatoes and cook till tomatoes become mushy.

    Step 06

    Add remaining red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Fry for 1-2 minutes in low flame.

    Step 07

    When oil starts to come out the masala transferred this to fish pieces.

    Step 08

    Add one cup of water and mix carefully. Cook in medium flame for 5 minutes.

    Step 09

    Once the gravy thickens,remove from flame. Add curry leaves and cover the pan for 5 minutes.
    ayala curry recipe

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