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  • Yield: 18
  • Servings: 9
  • Prep Time: 10m
  • Cook Time: 10m

Bread Bajji | Stuffed bread fritters with step by step pictures

Bread bajji or stuffed bread fritters are tasty 4’O clock snacks that do not need any side dish. In this bread bajji, I stuffed spicy coconut chutney and dipped it in besan flour. It is very easy to make and requires few ingredients which are available in our kitchen always. Hope you all will like this delicious bread bajji recipe.


250g of Besan Flour (kadalamavu)
6 piece of bread slices
1/4 spn. of Chilli powder
1/6 spn. of turmeric powder
Salt as required
For Chutney
2 tbsp. of grated coconut
1 no of green chilli
3 no of shallots
1 tbsp. of coriander leaves
1 tbsp. of mint leaves
salt as required
Oil to fry


Step 01

Coarsely Grind all the ingredients under “For chutney” section. Keep aside.

Step 02

Add besan flour, salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder to a bowl.

Step 03

Add water little by little and make a thick pakkavada texture. Keep aside for 15-20 minute.

Step 04

Take bread slices and cut into 6 pieces each

Step 05

Paste the coconut chutney in one piece and place another piece on the top of this piece.

Step 06

Dip the piece in besan mix and deep fry till golden brown color.

Step by step preparation of stuffed bread fritters

bread baji7

bread baji8

bread baji2

bread baji1

bread baji3

bread baji4

bread baji6

bread baji10

bread baji11

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