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  • Yield: 6

Carrot Cheese Dosa and Anar Lassi – Kids Breakfast Menu

Healthy and easy to make breakfast menu for kids

Carrot Cheese Dosa ,third day of kids breakfast menu week. This dosa is very easy to make and needed few ingredients. We can use the same dosa batter of Set Dosa,uthappam,Dosa etc… Just we need to make small dosa and add grated carrots and cheese on the top. Your dosa is ready. You can also add finely slinced capsicum,cabbage or any vegetables as topping. Hope you all will like this easy and healthy poha upma recipe.

Kids Breakfast Menu

First Day: Set Dosa and Roasted gram Chutney
Second Day : Poha Upma and Juice
kids breakfast carrot cheese dosa

How to make carrot cheese dsa?


  • 1 cup of dosa batter
  • 3 tbsp. of Grated carrots
  • 3 tbsp. of grates cheese
  • Salt for taste


Step 01

Rinse and soak rice and gram together in water for about 6 hours.

Step 02

Grind well and ferment for 8 hours.

Step 03

Heat non stick pan.

Step 04

Add salt in to the batter and mix well. Pour half laddle of batter in to pan. Just pour the batter on tawa and make small dosa. Do not spread.

Step 05

Add grated carrots and cheese. Cover the pan and cook for 1-2 minutes in medium flame.(You can also use cheese slice instead of grated one).

How to make Anar Lassi/Pomegranate Lassi

You can also get recipe from here Pomegranate lassi/ Ananr lassi


1 cup of Pomegranate
2 cup of yogurt
1 tbsp of Sugar/Honey
5-10 no of shredded Pistachios
1 cloves of cardamom

Pomegranate Lassi Preparation Method

Step 01

Put Pomegranate and 1 cup of yogurt in blender and make a smooth paste.

Step 02

Add remaining curd,Pistachios,cardamom and sugar/honey and just blend for 2 seconds.

Step 03

Pour into individual glasses and serve.Garnish with with crushed Pistachios.

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