Cheera upperi | How to make spinach Stir fry


    Cheera upperi | Spinach Stir Fry

    Tasty and nutritious side dish with spinach and egg

    Spinach fry is a highly nutritious easy to make side dish of Indian cuisine. As we all know spinach is the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and we should include spinach varieties in our daily meal. I have made this spinach fry with my homegrown spinach which we have planted during the lockdown period. Kids really enjoyed the planting and harvesting of spinach, green chillies, cucumber etc.

    We need only three main ingredients for making this recipe and we can make this within five minutes. I have also added one egg to the fry to make it more healthy and tasty. You can also add grated coconut instead of egg. I have already posted some spinach recipes like Spinach dal curry recipe | Cheera parippu curry, Potato Spinach Omelette | Healthy Omelette Recipe, Bread toast with spinach | Palak toast etc.

    In Kerala, we mostly grow Malabar spinach where in other parts of India Palak is more famous. You can also make this stir with any spinach. I hope you all will like the recipe.

    Here is the detailed recipe for cheera upperi.

    How to make Spinach stir fry


    • 1 bunch of Spinach
    • 10 no of shallots
    • 6 no of garlic
    • 5 no of red chillies
    • 1 egg
    • 2 tbsp of coconut oil


    Step 1

    Wash and clean the spinach. Finely chop and keep aside.

    Step 2

    Crush shallots, garlic, and red chilies.

    Step 3

    Pour coconut oil into a pan. Add crushed onion mix.

    Step 4

    Fry till raw smell goes off.

    Step 5

    Add chopped spinach. Sprinkle salt and mix well in medium flame.

    Step 6

    Cover the pan and cook on low flame for 1-2 minutes. No need to add water.

    Step 7

    Add egg and mix well. Increase the flame and stir well for one minute. Serve hot with rice, chapathi etc.

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