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  • Yield: 1
  • Servings: 4
  • Prep Time: 10m
  • Cook Time: 15m
  • Ready In: 15m

Chena Kadala Kootu Curry

Traditional kootu curry recipe with chena and kadala

Kootu curry is one of my favorite among onam sadya recipes. I like anything made with yam (called chena in malayalam). Chena, also known as elephant foot yam is full of antioxidants and have lot many health benefits. Yam is the healthiest among root vegetables. It reduces LDL cholesterol in our body and there by reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
We can make fry, curry, stir fry, kheer etc… with yam. I have already posted the recipes of chena fry, chena moru curry and chena ozhichu kootan recipe here. Today I would like to share the recipe of kootu curry recipe with you. Kootu curry is very healthy side dish with less spice level. The combination of black chana and yam make this curry more nutritious.
Hope you all will like this healthy and delicious kootu curry recipe,. Please try it out and let me know how it turned out for you.

How to make kootu curry?


½ kg of yam(chena)
¼ kg of black chana/Bengal gram
Half of one coconut
½ spoon. of cumin seeds
3-4 no of shallots
½ spoon. Of turmeric powder
¼ spoon. of chilli powder
50g of jaggery (optional)
Salt as required
1 spoon. of oil
¼ spoon. of mustard seeds
2-3 no of red chillies
2 springs of curry leaves
2 table spoon of grated coconut

Chena Kadala Kootu Curry Preparation Method

Step 01

Soak black chana overnight.

Step 02

Pressure cook Bengal gram/black chana with turmeric powder and salt.

Step 03

Clean and cut yam in to medium sized pieces.

Step 04

Add yam pieces, chilli powder and cook along with black chana.

Step 05

If there is excess water in yam chana mix, open the lid and again cook till the water evaporates. Mash it with a ladle.

Step 06

Grind grated coconut along with cumin seeds and shallots coarsely.

Step 08

Add the coconut mixture and mix well. Check salt.

Step 09

Heat oil in a pan.

Step 10

Splutter mustard seeds, red chillies and curry leaves.

Step 11

Pour this mix over curry and mix well.

Step 12

Roast 2 tbsp. of grated coconut in the same pan till golden color.

Step 13

Add grated jaggery to the kootu curry and mix well.

Step 14

Finally garnish with roasted coconut at the time of serving

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