Yummy Chocolate Banana Milkshake

    Yummy banana milkshake with chocolate ice cream

    Chocolate banana milkshake is a super easy and delicious milkshake made with few ingredients. Milkshakes are simple and delicious drinks liked by everyone. Here in this recipe, I have used only three ingredients: milk, banana and chocolate ice cream. I have already posted Banana shake / Sharjah shake recipe and here I have added one more ingredient. Use frozen banana chunks to make this shake thicker but you can also use normal banana. I am sure your kids will love this shake. Instead of giving chocolate ice cream, you can try this recipe by adding the goodness of banana and milk. I have already posted one kid’s special healthy drink with plantain (nenthrapzham) Plantain milk shake which is very good for kids’ growth. Adding cornflakes and nuts gives crunchiness to the shake. I hope you all will like this yummy chocolate banana milkshake recipe.

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    How to make Chocolate banana milkshake


    2 no of Bananas
    1 glass of milk
    1 scoop of chocolate ice cream


    Step 01

    Blend banana,milk,ice cream together.

    Step 02

    Pour into glasses and garnish with one scoop of ice cream.
    banana milkshake
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