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  • Yield: 1
  • Servings: 2
  • Prep Time: 5m
  • Cook Time: 10m
  • Ready In: 15m

Cup Corn | Butter Corn Recipe

Simple healthy snack recipe for your kids

Quiet simple and easy to make corn recipe. Sweet corn is everyone favorite snack especially for kids. Its my rizu’s favorite one. When I bought corn from supermarket, next day after coming from school, he wants it. He don’t like masala in cup corn. So just added chaat masala and little bit of pepper. You can adjust the spiciness as per your taste.

You can prepare cup corn within 10 minutes. I used to prepare this one with fresh corn. You can also use frozen one.

Please check out the step by step description of the recipe with images and don’t forget to post your comments and feedback.



1 No of Sweet corn (or Frozen corn)
1/2 spn. of butter
1/8 spn. of pepper
1/6 spn. of chaat masala
1/2 spn. of lemon juice
1/2 spn. of sugar(optional)
Salt as required

Cup Corn Preparation Method

Step 01

Separate corn kernels from cob.

Step 02

Steam cook the kernels for 10 minutes using a steamer with 1/2 glass of water)

Step 03

Take the cooked corn in a bowl and add butter,chaat masala,sugar(optional),salt and lemon juice. Mix well and serve hot.

Cup Corn recipe with step by step photos.

1.Separate corn kernels from cob and Steam cook the kernels for 10 minutes using an idli steamer (or you can boil corn kernels with 1/2 glass of water)

2.Take the cooked kernels in a bowl.
3.Add chaat masala and pepper powder.
4.Add butter.
5.Add lemon juice.
6.Add sugar(optional) and salt.
7.Mix well and serve hot

Sweet Corn Masala

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