Dal fry recipe | How to make dal fry


    Dal fry is a simple and easy to make Indian side dish we can make with any varieties of dal/lentils like toor dal, masoor dal, mung dal, chana dal, etc. Lentils are very considered as the superfood rich in soluble fiber and help to reduce cholesterol. Lentils are also rich in magnesium and folate which reduces heart diseases. We can serve day fry with any main course like roti or rice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I made this dal fry recipe with basic ingredients that are available all-time in our kitchen.

    dal fry recipe
    Dal fry

    You can also check my other dal recipes like chana dal pulao, spinach dal curry, dal curry, multi dal curry, easy dal makhani etc. I have also posted a video of dal fry, please watch and subscribe to our channel. Hope you all like this dal fry recipe. Please try it out and feel free to share your suggestions and feedback with me. Happy cooking.



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