Idichakka Thoran| How to make idichakka thoran


    Idichakka Thoran | Idiyan chakka thoran

    Traditional recipe of young jackfruit stir fry

    Idichakka thoran recipe – jackfruit is one of the favorite fruits of South Indians. It is a seasonal fruit available in the month of March to May.We make lots of dishes with jackfruit like stir fry, puzhukku,chips,kheer,jam or even papad with jackfruit. I have already posted chakka puzhukku which is a Vishu fesival recipe. I have also posted chakka prdhaman / Jackfruit kheer with step by step photos.I made this dish with young jackfruit which we called idichakka,idiyanchakka etc. I got this idichakka from my neighbor aunty and I prepared thoran that day itself. jackfruit dishes are one of my favorite childhood memories. My kids love jackfruit jam like anything and my parents make and preserve jackfruit jam in big glass jars for their summer holidays. Waiting for next vacation :). Apart from this sentimental side, Jackfruit is a very healthy fruit which is rich in fiber, vitamin c,potassium and many other nutrients. Jackfruit also helps in reducing sugar level in diabetic patients if consumed in right way. I prepared this idichakka thoran in traditional way and hope you all will like this recipe.

    idi chakka
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    How to make Idichakka Thoran


    1/2 kg of idichakka/young jackfruit
    10 nos of shallots
    6-7 nos of garlic
    1 spn. of crushed red chilies
    1/2 spn. of Mustard seeds
    2 springs of Curry leaves
    Salt to taste
    1 tbsp. of Coconut oil


    Step 01

    Remove outer green thorny part of jackfruit and cut into small pieces. Pressure cook with salt and one glass of water.

    Step 02

    Two whistles in middle flame will be enough to cook jackfruit. Allow to cool and mash the pieces using a spatula or crush using small jar of mixer grinder without adding water (This is the traditional way for making idichakka thoran)

    Step 03

    Heat oil in a pan.Splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies.

    Step 04

    Add crushed shallots and garlic mix. Fry for 1 min in low flame.

    Step 05

    Add crushed chilli flakes. Stir well for few seconds.

    Step 06

    Add mashed idichakka and mix well for on minute in high flame. Cover the pan and reduce the flame to low and cook for 1-2 minute.

    Step 07

    Pour one spoon of coconut oil over the stir fry (optional) and close the lid. Serve after two minutes.
    how to make idichakka thoran

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