Jackfruit Kesari


    Jackfruit Kesari | Chakka Kesari

    Delicious combination of semolina with jackfruit

    Kesari is a traditional sweet of India. This sweet is very famous in almost every part of both South and North India. I am very much familiar with kesari from my childhood itself. My mom used to prepare kesari with jackfruit,milk and rava,beetroot etc… When jackfruit season starts , my mom will do experiments with it. She used to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. I like her chakka varatti(jackfruit jam) the most :). My brothers like this jackfruit kesari than me. They will not eat jackfruit as it is. So she prepare this kind of dishes and make them eat jackfruit 😀 . Now I also started these tricks with my kids 😉 . Jackfruit kesari is very easy to prepare and healthiest snack. Because jackfruit is full of fiber and contains many nutrients. It is considered as one of the healthiest fruit and contains less amount of pesticides. So try to make jackfruit dishes when the season comes and preserve it. This jackfruit kesari contains only few common ingredients and very easy to make.Hope you all will like this recipe.

    How to make Jackfruit Kesari


    2 cup of jackfruit pulp (Cook ripe jackfruit with less water and grind to smooth paste as shown in the picture above)
    2 cup of roasted semolina/rava
    3/4 cup of Sugar
    50ml of Ghee
    25g of raisins
    25g of nuts


    Step 01

    Heat oil in a thick bottom vessel.

    Step 02

    Add nuts and raisins.Fry till golden color.

    Step 03

    Add roasted semolina along with sugar and jackfruit pulp.Cook in low flame for 3-5 minutes.

    Step 04

    Stir continuously and increase flame to medium.

    Step 05

    When the kesari starts to leave out from the pan remove from flame.

    Step 06

    Grease a plate with ghee and spread the kesari in it and after cooling down cut in to pieces

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