Kakka fry | Clams fry | Kerala style kakka ularthiyathu


    Kakka fry / kakka ularthiyathu is a traditional side dish of Kerala cuisine, especially in coastal areas. Kakka is a whole food with lots of nutritional benefits. It is rich in Omega fatty acids, minerals, protein, and a lean source of calcium. They also have cancer-preventing properties.

    Kakka roast is the most delicious and famous dish but here I am going to share with you a simple kakka fry recipe. Kakka fry is also called as kakka ularthiyathu which is very easy to make recipe with few ingredients. Usually, we make dishes with kakka by pressure cook it before roasting. Here I am not following that method, simply shallow fry the clams in low flame and saute them with onion. You can also check for my YouTube video for this recipe

    kakka fry

    Mussels and clams looks similar but they are different. I have posted Arikadukka (Kadukka Nirachathu) | Stuffed Mussels recipe with mussels which is a famous Malabar snack. Compared to mussels, clams are more healthy and easily available.

    Hope you all will like this kakka fry recipe. Please try it out and let me know how it went out for you.

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