Keema Biriyani | How to make Keema biriyani


    Delicious Keema Biriyani

    Spicy flavorful Chicken Keema Biryani.

    Keema biriyani is a very easy to make main course with a many induced flavours. Compared to other biriyani recipes, keema biriyani can be prepare within 20 minutes. I have used chicken keema for making this biriyani and you can also use beef keema. I have used arabian masala and dried lemon for making this biryani which gives a unique arabian taste to this dish. Hope you all will like this chicken keema biriyani

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    How to make keema biriyani


    Basmati Rice – 1 cup
    Chicken keema -1/2 cup
    Finely chopped onion – 3
    Finely chopped tomato – 4
    Crushed ginger garlic greenchilli- 2 tbsp
    Finely chopped coriander leaves – 1/4 cup
    Cinnamon – 3 pieces
    Cloves – 5 nos
    Fennel seeds – 1 spoon
    Dried lemon – 1 (optional)
    Coriander powder – 2 spn.
    Chilli powder – 1 spn.
    Turmeric powder – 1/2 spoon
    Biriyani masala/arabic masala – 1 spn
    Ghee/oil – 2 tbsp

    Chicken Keema Biriyani Preparation Method

    Step 01

    Wash rice,soak in water for 15 minute and drain.

    Step 02

    Half cook basmati rice by adding one spoon of oil, salt and 1 spoon of lemon juice. Drain and keep aside.

    Step 03

    Heat Ghee/Oil in a non stick pan / cooker.

    Step 04

    Add cinnamon,3 bay leaves,3 no of cloves.

    Step 05

    Add finely chopped onion with little salt. Fry till golden brown.

    Step 06

    Add 2 TS of ginger garlic green chilli paste.Saute well till the raw smell goes off.

    Step 07

    Add tomatoes.Saute for 2-3 minutes till it become mushy.

    Step 08

    Add coriander powder(2 spn), chilli powder(1 spn), turmeric powder(1/2) spn and arabian masala/biryani masala (1 spn).

    Step 09

    Fry for 1 min to get rid of the raw smell.

    Step 10

    Add chopped coriander leaves and fry for a while.

    Step 11

    Add chicken keema and mix well for 1 minute. Check salt and add if required.

    Step 12

    Add dried lemon by making 2-3 holes on it. Cover the lid and cook for 3 minutes.

    Step 13

    Add half cooked basmati rice and mix carefully till the masala and rice get mixed.

    Step 14

    cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes in low flame. Open the pan and mix often.

    Step 15

    Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with papad,raita and pickle.

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