Mampazha Pulisseri |Sweet Raw Mango Curry

  • Yield: 1
  • Servings: 4
  • Prep Time: 10m
  • Cook Time: 20m
  • Ready In: 20m

Mampazha Pulisseri | Raw Mango Curry

Sweet and tangy curry with mango

Sweet and sour raw mango curry. Mamapazha pulisseri is a traditional side dish of Kerala lunch menu especially in festivals. This is one of my favorite curry as I am a big fan of sweet curries like uli inchi,elisseri etc… I have already tried many recipes with raw mango(pacha manga) likepazha manga curry (ripe mango curry),Mango Jam,Mango lassiaam ka panna,Mango pickle,Mango rice,Green Mnago sarbath


  • 2 no of Mango
  • 1 cup of Grated Coconut
  • 3 tbsp. of Curd
  • 5 no of Shallots
  • 4 no of Green chillies
  • 2 spn. of Sugar
  • 1/4 spn. of Mustard seeds
  • 1/2 no of Cumin seeds
  • 4 no of Red chillies
  • 2 springs of Curry leaves
  • 1 tbsp. of Oil
  • Salt as per taste


Step 01

Cut raw mango in to small pieces and cook for 5 minutes.

Step 02

Grind coconut,small onion,green chilli,cumin seeds and mustard seeds well.

Step 03

When mangoes get cooked mash it well to form a thick paste.Add coconut paste,salt and sugar.Cover the lid of pan and cook for 5 minute.

Step 04

Add curd and mix well.Remove from heat.Do not boil the curry after adding curd.

Step 05

Heat oil in a pan,splutter mustard seeds,curry leaves and red chillies.

Comments (2)

  1. posted by Neeraja on March 29, 2016

    Thank you. What is the quantity of sugar?

    • posted by Hygeena Shameer on June 21, 2016

      hi, for one mango you can take 1 spn. of sugar as per your taste. I have updated in site also,Thank you for point out the mistake 🙂


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