Pumpkin Soup | How to make pumpkin soup


    Pumpkin Soup

    Heathy and creamy pumpkin soup to warm up this winter

    Pumpkin is a best nutrient food which contains lots of Vitamins and Minerals but low calorie.Pumpkin reduces the risk of heart problems,obesity,blood pressure etc…Pumpkin is the best known source of antioxidants which prevents certain types of cancer.We can include pumpkin in our diet in many forms like as soup,desserts


    200g of Pumpkin cleaned and chopped
    5 no of Garlic
    1/4 ltr of Milk
    Salt as required
    1/6 spn. of Herb Seasoning
    1/6 spn. of pepper powder
    1 Small piece of ginger leaves(optional)
    1/4 spn. of butter/olive oil

    Pumpkin Soup Preparation Method

    Step 01

    Cook chopped pumpkin along with 2-3 garlic,salt and 1/4 cup of water.Once it is cooked,add milk and mix well.Cook for 1-2 minute.

    Step 02

    Allow to cool and blend well to smooth paste.

    Step 03

    Heat butter/o1ive oil in a pan.

    Step 04

    Add finely chopped garlic,chopped ginger leaves,pepper powder,seasoning and saute well.

    Step 05

    Add pumpkin puree and mix well.When it starts to boil,remove from flame.

    Step 06

    Garnish with black olives.

    1.You can add vinegar or lemon juice for sour taste.
    2.Pumpkin soup is a healthy soup than a delicious one.

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