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    Healthy and delicious dish served as snack or breakfast

    Ragi ila ada! This is fourth day of my kids breakfast menu recipe. Today I would like to share Kerala style ragi ada recipe. Ada is the famous traditional breakfast/snack item of Kerala. We used to prepare ada in banana leaf. Rice flour will be the base and coconut and jaggery mix is the filling. It is such a wonderful yummy dish. We steam the ada in a cooker or pan cook ada.

    I have already posted Ragi kozhukkatta with step by step photos recipe before. This kozhukkatta preparation is same as ada, only the difference is we are making this in a banana leaf. If you don’t have banana leaf you can also prepare this way. But nothing beats ila ada.

    Hope you all will like this delicious and healthy ragi ila ada. Please try it out and let me know how it turned out for you.

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    ragi adai recipe


    1 cup of ragi | Finger Millet
    1 cup of grated coconut
    1/2 cup of jaggery powder
    1 pinch of salt
    5 no of banana leaf


    Step 01

    Take Ragi flour in a bowl and add water(1/4 cup of water with a pinch of salt) little by little to make a tight dough(Hot water is not needed).

    Step 02

    Take grated coconut and jaggery powder in a bowl. Mix well with hands.

    Step 03

    Wash banana leaves. Make small balls from the dough,spread on the banana leaf.

    Step 04

    Spread the coconut jaggery mix over the dough and fold the leaf in half.

    Step 05

    Steam the ada in a steamer for around ten minutes.

    Step 06

    Allow to cool and serve with Milk.
    how to make ragi ada

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