Wheat idli



    • 1 cup of Rava(Semolina)
    • 1/4 cup of Moong Dal
    • 1 small piece of Ginger
    • 2-3 Green chillies
    • Some Coriander leaves
    • 1 tspn. of Mustard seeds
    • 1 tspn. of Urad Dal
    • Some curry leaves
    • A pinch of Baking soda(Optional)
    • Salt as required


    Step 01

    Soak Moong dal for 3 hour.Grind the dal into a smooth paste.

    Step 02

    Add this paste to wheat rava.Add baking soda and salt.Mix well.

    Step 03

    Heat oil in a pan,splutter mustard seeds,urd dal,curry leaves.

    Step 04

    Add finely chopped ginger,green chillies,coriander leaves,saute well.

    Step 05

    Add this to the batter.mix well.

    Step 06

    Steam cook idlis on medium flame for about 10 minutes.

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