Rice recipes |Easy rice recipes

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Rice recipes| Healthy and easy rice recipes collection

Healthy and flavorful recipes with rice. Rice is the main course of Indian cuisine. -We serve rice along with curries and make pulao, biriyani with rice. Thali is one of the famous main course in South India which serve with rice and more than 10+ side dishes. Different varieties of rices are used overall India. Basmati, sona masoori rices are famous in North India whereas Matta, ponni rice brands are very familiar in South India. I have mainly used sona masoori and basmati rice here to prepare pulao,Biriyani etc. We can make rice dishes in different varieties like along with vegetables,meat,sea foods etc… Apart from common rice recipes we can make desserts and kheer also with rice. I would like to share my 30 + rice recipe collection with you. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.

Rice recipes |Easy rice recipes
[recipe-collection ids=”1544,3914,3377,3368,3355,1648,1626,956,937,136,53,62,40,195,216,465,639,720,385,328,3998,3637,446,1215,1743,1196,983,268,271,350,”]

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