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Tips and Tricks For you….

  1. Smear ghee on the edges of the vessel to prevent overflow while boiling the milk.
  2. To boil a cracked egg, add some vinegar to the water and place the egg in it. The egg shell will remain inside.
  3. To extract more juice out of lemons you simply microwave them in full power for 10 secs or roll them with the palm of your hand for sometime before extraction.
  4. If oil used for frying turns dark, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, cover with a lid and keep on slow flame. When the spluttering stops, remove the lid; the oil will have cleared and it can be strained and re-used.
  5. Place rolled ‘puris’ in the fridge for 10 minutes before frying them. They will consume less oil and turn out crisper.
  6. Prevent onions from burning while frying , add a little milk.This will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning
  7. To peel an orange or a tomato less messily, dunk it in hot water for a minute or two and then in cold water for the same amount of time.
  8. Serving Boiled Noodles later If noodles/pasta has to be used after some time, then refresh the boiled noodles in cold water and drain. This way they will not stick to each other.
  9. While cooking minced meat, put a whole carrot in with the mince. The carrot will absorb the excess fat in the meat.
  10. To keep white color of the cauliflower while cooking, add a little milk to the water.
  11. To remove excess oil in any fried vegetables sprinkle a little gramflour over the vegetables. gramflour absorbs the excess oil and makes the vegetable tastier.
  12. To get more juice from lemon,keep lemon in a sealed jar.
  13. While boiling corn,add a pinch of sugar to help bring out the natural sweetness.
  14. For crispy lady fingers Add a few drops of lemon juice while cooking.
  15. Add two tbsps of cooked rice into the batter while making dosa for more crispness
  16. To avoid stickiness in rice Add a few drops of lemon juice to the rice while cooking.
  17. To remove fat from fresh meat stock,keep stock in refrigerator for few hours.The fat solidifies on the surface of the stock. Simply remove this solidified fat.
  18. Add a little sugar while frying onions;they will turn pink or brown faster.
  19. If you need only 1/2 an onion, save the root half. It will last longer.
  20. To make omelettes more spongy and soft, add two – three spoons of milk to the egg batter.
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