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  • Protein laddu recipe | Healthy protein laddu

    Protein laddu recipe – Protein laddus are highly nutritious snacks that boost the energy level. This is a super healthy laddu good for growing kids. Roasted rice powder is the main ingredient of this laddu. I have also added peanuts and sesame seeds for increasing the nutrition level of this...

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  • Vazhaipoo chutney | Vazhaipoo thogayal | Banana flower chutney

    Vazhaipoo chutney | banana flower chutney is a very healthy side dish of South India which goes well with rice. We normally make stir fry with banana flower but a chuntey with this was new to me. I found this recipe in a magazine and tried out. It was the...

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  • Easy mutton leg soup | How to make mutton leg soup

    Nutritious mutton leg soup recipe Mutton leg soup is highly nutritious, rich in lots of minerals and protein. Mutton is extremely good for kids for their muscle growth and improving immunity. The bone itself is a rich source of calcium and magnesium. Bone marrow of goat contains collagen which is...

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  • Diwali Sweets | Easy to make no-cook sweets

    Diwali sweets for lighten up your celebrattion. Sweets are the inevitable part of every festivels. Diwali is the festival fo lights and sweets. Crackers and sweets are the main attraction for Diwali season. Here I prepared three easy to make sweets which can be prepared within one hour. I have...

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