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  • kingfish curry recipe | Kerala style neymeen curry

    Kingfish curry recipe – Easy to make delicious kingfish curry recipe without tomato. Kerala fish curries are very famous as it is full of flavors and serve it with any main course such as appam and rice. Here I am using kingfish also called kingfish mackerel and as its name...

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  • Cheera upperi | How to make spinach Stir fry

    Spinach fry is a highly nutritious easy to make side dish of Indian cuisine. As we all know spinach is the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and we should include spinach varieties in our daily meal. I have made this spinach fry with my homegrown spinach which we have planted...

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  • chakka pazham pori

    Chakka pazham pori | Jackfruit fritters

    Chaka pazham pori or Jackfruit fritters is an easy to make tasty snack made with ripe jackfruit. This chakka pazham pori is a great variation of our regular pazham pori which is a common and traditional snack item of Kerala.  We make pazham pori with ethappazham (Kerala banana). When we...

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  • Dal fry recipe | How to make dal fry | Parippu curry

    Dal fry is a simple and easy to make Indian side dish we can make with any varieties of dal/lentils like toor dal, masoor dal, mung dal, chana dal, etc. Lentils are very considered as the superfood rich in soluble fiber and help to reduce cholesterol. Lentils are also rich...

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