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  • Vazhappoo pakkavada | Banana flower bajji

    Vazhappoo is a highly nutritious part of banana with lots of medicinal values. We can make lots of recipes with banan flower. People of Kerala and Tamilnadu often vazhappoo for making stir fry, chutney, fry etc. I have uploaded lots of healthy and tasty vazhappoo recipes such as Banana blossom...

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  • Spanish Delight Cake | How to make Spanish Delight Cake

    Spanish delight cake is a delicious cake made with unique ingredients. During the lockdown period, all are started baking cakes and became extraordinary cake experts. I am not a cake expert and more interested in making traditional recipes. But my kids were not ready to leave me and they started...

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  • Plum Cake | Christmas special plum cake

    Plum cake is the highlight of the Christmas celebration. It bring back us to my childhood memories. Earlier plum cakes were only available during Christmas time. But now plum cakes are very common in all bakery shops and supermarkets. I love plum cakes and decided to make them for this...

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  • Roasted Chicken | How to make roasted chicken

    Roasted chicken is a famous recipe that is usually prepared in a home kitchen or rotisserie. This is an authentic French recipe and now famous in all parts of the world. Here I made this roasted chicken with Indian touch. The dish came out very well and the chicken was...

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