Chicken Recipes | 21 Delicious Chicken Recipes

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21 Delicious chicken recipes for Roti,Rice,Appam etc…

Chicken is a lean meat which contains lots of nutrients and regular consumption of chicken in a healthy way makes us healthy. Here I would like to share my chicken recipes collection which includes gravy, fry, deep fry, roast etc. Anything with chicken is delicious and people of all age groups likes to eat chicken. We can prepare lot many recipes with chicken like curry,fry,kebab or even stir fry with chicken.Chicken is rich in protein which is helpful for building muscles and for healthy bones . Chicken dishes plays an important role in weight loss because chicken is a lean meat and contain very less fat. Chicken is also rich in calcium and phosphorous which helps to keep our bones healthy. I would like to share my tasty chicken recipes with you as a collection. So that you can pick up your favorite one from this. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.

[recipe-collection ids=”3716,3304,3244,2909,2367,1953,1719,1651,1600,1544,271,450,439,644,662,758,726,548,423,401,621″]

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