Diabetic Friendly stir fry recipes |24 Diabetic Friendly Poriyal Collection

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20 Diabetic Friendly Easy stir fry recipes | Poriyal Collection | Upperi Recipes

20 + Diabetic Friendly easy stir fry recipes collection in one page. Poriyal/upperi/stir fry is an integral part of Indian lunch menu mainly in South India. Lunch we serve with rice,curry,stir fry,pappad etc… In Kerala, stir fry is known as upperi/mezhukku puratti. Stir fries are very healthy and simple. It contains high amount of fiber and makes you feel full without eating much. Diabetic patients should reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase fiber rich foods. While having foods always try eat more vegetables like stir fries and reduce the quantity of rice and breads. We can prepare stir fry with almost all vegetables like raw banana,bitter gourd,banana stem,chick pea,black gram,green gram,spinach etc… All these stir fries are diabetic friendly. Hope you all will like my stir fry recipe collection. Please click on the picture to get the recipe.

[recipe-collection ids=”3822,3817,3807,3803,3336,3336,2889,2866,2680,2753,1795,994,704,740,1753,2712,999,548,272,694,316,2690,9,419,763,2753″]

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