Onam Sadya Recipes

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Onam Sadya Recipes Collection

Onam sadya recipes in one page. Onam is the regional festival of Kerala.The most important part of Onam is the ‘Ona Sadya (vegetarian banquet)’ where around 20-25 dishes are served on a banana leaf. Sambar,avial,rasam,elisseri,puliinchi,payasam are the main ingredients of ona sadya. Here am listing you some dishes to choose from to make your own

onam sadya

at home. You can pick up your favorite one from this collection. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe. Happy Onam to all.

[recipe-collection ids=”1343,421,1331,276,1644,279,948,595,743,1337,1354,713,1337,716,600,598,1087,1348,326,525,771,283,3385,106,1044,132,649,1753,392,635,733,737,746,827,492,164,980,926,263,465,59,353,728,538,787,50,506,”]

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