Pressure cooker cakes | How to make pressure cooker cake

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Pressure cooker cakes | How to make pressure cooker cake

Pressure cooker cake recipes collection. Delicious flavorful cake recipes. It is a good news that we don’t need an oven to bake cake because oven is not that much common in Indian kitchens. The method of baking in pressure cooker is very simple. Just keep a small vessel inside cooker(no need of adding water or sand in cooker). Place the baking tray with batter on the top of that vessel. Cook in high flame for five minutes then reduce the flame and cook for another 35- 40 minutes. This is the common procedure all the cakes mentioned below. I would like to share my pressure cooker cakes recipe collection. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.

[recipe-collection ids=”3964,3944,3723,3524,3296,3211,3205,3191,3024″]

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