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Health benefits of ajwain | Health benefits of carom seeds

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Ajwain / carom seeds are one of the important herb in cooking. It has many health and medicinal values. Ajwain is also known as omam, om kalugalu, ayamodhakam, vamu etc… Ajwain is a quick remedy for stomach problems and digestive issues. Apart from this it is used to cure tooth ... more

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Pressure cooker cakes | How to make pressure cooker cake

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Pressure cooker cake recipes collection. Delicious flavorful cake recipes. It is a good news that we don’t need an oven to bake cake because oven is not that much common in Indian kitchens. The method of baking in pressure cooker is very simple. Just keep a small vessel inside cooker(no ... more

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Rice recipes |Easy rice recipes

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Healthy and flavorful recipes with rice. Rice is the main course of Indian cuisine. -We serve rice along with curries and make pulao, biriyani with rice. Thali is one of the famous main course in South India which serve with rice and more than 10+ side dishes. Different varieties of ... more

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Health Benefits of Grains

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Grains are dry seeds harvested for human consumption. They are the world’s single biggest source of food energy. There are two types of grains, whole grains and refined grains. Whole grain contains bran,germ and endosperm like whole wheat,brown rice,oatmeal etc… Refined grains are the processed one. The bran and germ ... more

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Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids

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Constipation in kids mainly happens due to the lack of fibers. It is not a serious health issue. Before rushing to a doctor with your kids, try some natural home remedies. Dry GrapesSoak 5-6 no of dry grapes(raisins) in water overnight. Squeeze out the juice and give. This is the ... more

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