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Malabar Chicken Dum Biryani | how to make chicken dum biriyani

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Malabar chicken biriyani is a very famous main course of indian cuisine. Mughlai cuisine had a significant influence upon Malabar recipes. Hence you can find lot of similarities in almost all the dishes. Malabar side dishes are very spicy and famous for its variety in preparation of non-vegetarian dishes. Malabar ...

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Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biriyani | how to make chicken biriyani

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chicken biriyani/biryani is an authentic main course of Indian cuisine. Biriyani/Biryani is very famous in all over India. There are so many varieties of biriyanies like hyderabadi biryani,ambur biriyani,sindhi biriyani,malabar biryani etc… Every biriyani is having its unique flavor in it. This is a simple and easy to make chicken ...

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