Health Benefits of Kudampuli (Gambooge)

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Kudampuli / Gambooge

Pot tamarind or kudam puli or Gambooge is a native fruit of Indonesia. It is a sour fruits commonly found in South Asia. Pot tamarind is actually round in shape like the size of a large lemon and it is green in color. Once it is ripe, remove the seed and dry the fruit halves in sunshine. Then the sun-dried fruit halves are smoked till black(as shown in the picture). This fruits halves we can store for years. Kudam puli is commonly used in traditional dishes of Kerala and Srilanka. We cannot use kudapuli fruit as such in dishes. Kudam puli is used in fish recipes instead of normal tamarind because of its distinct taste..Once it is ripe,we need to dry the fruit and this dried one is used in curries.

Health Benefits of Kudampuli (Gambooge)

  • Kudampuli has lots of medicinal values.It is using widely in Ayurveda for making medicines.

  • Kudampuli helps to control appetite.

  • It helps to promote digestion, and cures many stomach related problems.

  • Kudampuli is used for rheumatism, bowel complaints like constipation and intestinal parasites.

  • Kudampuli is used against Arthritis and some uterine deceases.

  • It helps to reduce cholesterol in blood.

  • Kudampuli is used for making many weight loss products.It contains hydroxycitric acid HCA which fights against obesity.

  • Kudampuli increases the immunity power.

  • Kudampuli protects the liver against alcohol and other external toxins.


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