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Kakka fry | Clams fry | Kerala style kakka ularthiyathu

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Kakka fry / kakka ularthiyathu is a traditional side dish of Kerala cuisine, especially in coastal areas. Kakka is a whole food with lots of nutritional benefits. It is rich in Omega fatty acids, minerals, protein, and a lean source of calcium. They also have cancer-preventing properties. Kakka roast is ...

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Arikadukka (Kadukka Nirachathu) | Stuffed Mussels

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Arikadukka is a very own exotic Malabar sea food. As the name suggests “Arikkadukka” in Malayalam means mussels stuffed in rice. Hope you will enjoy this evening snack. 🙂 10 no of Mussels (Kadukka) 2 up of Rice flour 1 1/2 cup of Water 1/4 cup of Grated coconut 2 ...

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