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Roasted Chicken | How to make roasted chicken

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Roasted chicken is a famous recipe that is usually prepared in a home kitchen or rotisserie. This is an authentic French recipe and now famous in all parts of the world. Here I made this roasted chicken with Indian touch. The dish came out very well and the chicken was ...

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Chilli chicken recipe | How to make chilli chicken

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Chilli chicken is a very famous side dish which goes well with fried rice, chapati, roti etc… It is very easy to make this sweet and sour dish with onion, capsicum, tomato sauce and soy sauce. There are two types of chilli chicken recipes dry and gravy type, this recipe ...

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Chinese Pepper Chicken | How to make pepper chicken | Spicy Kitchen

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Chinese style pepper chicken with crunchy onion and cabbage.You can feel the sweet and sour taste of juicy chicken pieces within. This pepper chicken is a semi gravy type and goes well with fried rice,nan,paratha,chappathi etc…As it name implies, we are using pepper powder for spiciness of the dish . ...

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chicken roast recipe

Chicken Roast | Kerala style chicken roast | Spicy Kitchen

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Chicken roast is a delicious Kerala style side dish which goes well with almost all main course. This is a semi dry chicken curry cooked in flavorful masala. There are many ways to make the roast and here I made this spicy and juicy chicken roast with steamed chicken. Steamed ...

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