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Instant Oats Idli

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Healthy and instant breakfast made with oats and broken wheat. No fermentation is needed for this idli. You can add any vegetables of your choice like carrot,beans,spinach etc… to the batter. Oats Idli is also a diabetic friendly recipe. I have already tried some diabetic friendly oats recipes like Oats ...

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Beetroot Dosa

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My son rizu is very fond of pink color(But my husband don’t like this.He often tell him,y pink color?.Anyhow he is 2 yr old boy,let it be dear…I said 😉 ).He learned pink color first(but how I don’t know).One day,he woke up from bed and asked me “Mamma I want ...

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Ragi Oats Porridge

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Ragi and oats are perfect breakfast for start your day. Ragi is full of calcium and many other nutrients. Oats contains fiber and good for your heart.Porridge is always light and tasty breakfast idea. We can make sweet and spicy porridge using oats and ragi. You can find Spicy Oats ...

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