12 best Chutney Recipes for Idli & Dosa

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Chutney Recipes Collection | 12 best Chutney Recipes for Idli & Dosa

12 best Chutney Recipes for Idli & Dosa- Chutneys are the inevitable part of Indian cuisine. We serve chutney as a side dish for Indian breakfast. This is one of the most easiest side dish we can prepare for idli,appam and dosa. These items are the famous breakfast items of South India, in North India we serve chutneys for snacks like pani puri, vada paav etc. We can prepare chutney with coconut,onion,tomato,red chilli etc. We also make powdered side dishes for breakfast items called chutney powders. There are different varieties of chutney powders such as coconut chutney powder, chana dal chutney powder, peanut chutney powder etc we can make with different ingredients. While serving you can add little oil in to the powder and mix well. This is a very tasty and healthy side dish and we can preserve it for long. I would like to share all the chutneys and powders recipes in one page. So that you can pick up your favorite one from this. Please click on the pictures to get the recipe.
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